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Economic evaluation: ACT consortium guidance

Guidance for non-economist audience to understand economic evaluations of health care interventions

Category: Useful Resources

Sub Category: Method Guidance

Author: Lindsay Mangham-Jefferies

Published Date: 01 February 2009



This guidance is intended for a non-economist audience to enable them to understand and participate in the performance of economic evaluations of health care interventions.

It outlines the principles, methods and key steps in the undertaking of economic evaluation in the health care sector in particular cost-effectiveness analysis.

 The documents contain plenty of examples to support the understanding of the methods described. The main incorporated topics are:

 Types of economic evaluation


  • Scope of a cost-effectiveness analysis (study question, target population, interventions included in the analysis)
  • Identification of costs (different types of costs, perspective of cost analysis)
  • Measurement and valuation of costs (data collection, what costs to include, how to treat capital input)
  • Measurement and valuation of effects on health improvements
  • Analysis and reporting cost-effectiveness results
  • Variability and uncertainty of the reported results

Please download the copyright and usage policy documents before using this guidance.


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