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The Impact of an Intervention to Improve Malaria Care in Public Health Centers on Health Indicators of Children in Tororo, Uganda (PRIME): A Cluster-Randomized Trial

Sarah G. Staedke, Catherine Maiteki-Sebuguzi, Deborah D. DiLiberto, Emily L. Webb1, Levi Mugenyi, Edith Mbabazi, Samuel Gonahasa, Simon P. Kigozi, Barbara A. Willey, Grant Dorsey, Moses R. Kamya and Clare I. R. Chandler  |  Published 2016-06-28
The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

Training health workers to improve malaria diagnosis in Cameroon and Nigeria (Policy Brief)

Policy Briefs  |  Virginia Wiseman, Wilfred Mbacham, Obi Onwujekwe  |  Published 2016-06-05
REACT Policy Brief

Formation des travailleurs de santé à l’amélioration du dépistage du paludisme au Cameroun et au Nigéria

Policy Briefs  |  Virginia Wiseman, Wilfred Mbacham, Obi Onwujekwe  |  Published 2016-06-05
REACT policy brief

ACT Consortium guidance on data collection in the field for facility costing

Health Economics  |  Kristian Schultz Hansen and Shunmay Yeung  |  Published 2016-05-07

Examining intervention design: lessons from the development of eight related malaria health care intervention studies

Clare I.R. Chandler*, Helen Burchett, Louise Boyle, Olivia Achonduh, Anthony Mbonye, Deborah DiLiberto, Hugh Reyburn, Obinna Onwujekwe, Ane Haaland, Arantxa Roca-Feltrer, Frank Baiden, Wilfred F. Mbacham, Richard Ndyomugyenyi, Florence Nankya, Lindsay Man  |  Published 2016-04-19
Health Systems and Reform

Effect of test-based versus presumptive treatment of malaria in under-five children in rural Ghana - A cluster-randomised trial

Frank Baiden, Jane Bruce, Jayne Webster, Mathilda Tivura, Rupert Delmini, Seeba Amengo-Etego, Seth Owusu-Agyei and Daniel Chandramohan  |  Published 2016-04-07

Degradation of Artemisinin-Based Combination Therapies Under Tropical Conditions

Zoe Hall, Elizabeth Louise Allan, Donelly Andrew van Schalkwyk, Albert van Wyk, and Harparkash Kaur  |  Published 2016-03-07
The American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

Fake anti-malarials: start with the facts

Harparkash Kaur, Siȃn Clarke, Mirza Lalani, Souly Phanouvong, Philippe Gurin, Andrew McLoughlin, Benjamin K. Wilson, Michael Deats, Aline Planon, Heidi Hopkins, Debora Miranda and David Schellenberg  |  Published 2016-02-13
Malaria Journal

Monitoring patient care through health facility exit interviews: an assessment of the Hawthorne effect in a trial of adherence to malaria treatment guidelines in Tanzania

Baptiste Leurent, Hugh Reyburn, Florida Muro, Hilda Mbakilwa, David Schellenberg  |  Published 2016-02-03
BMC infectious diseases

Performance of Interferon-Gamma and IP-10 Release Assays for Diagnosing Latent Tuberculosis Infections in Patients with Concurrent Malaria in Tanzania

Camilla H. Drabe, Lasse S. Vestergaard, Marie Helleberg, Nyagonde Nyagonde, Michala V. Rose, Filbert Francis, Ola P. Theilgaard, Jens Asbjrn, Ben Amos, Ib Christian Bygbjerg, Morten Ruhwald and Pernille Ravn  |  Published 2016-02-01
The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

The interaction between artemether-lumefantrine and lopinavir/ritonavir-based antiretroviral therapy in HIV-1 infected patients

T. Kredo, K. Mauff, L. Workman, J. S. Van der Walt, L. Wiesner, P. J. Smith, G. Maartens, K. Cohen and K. I. Barnes  |  Published 2016-01-27
BMC Infectious Diseases

Causes of non-malarial febrile illness in outpatients in Tanzania

Helena Hildenwall, Ben Amos, George Mtove, Florida Muro, Kerstin Cederlund, and Hugh Reyburn  |  Published 2016-01-21
Tropical Medicine & International Health

Introducing rapid diagnostic tests for malaria into registered drug shops in Uganda: lessons learned and policy implications

Anthony K. Mbonye, San E. Clarke, Sham Lal, Clare I. Chandler, Eleanor Hutchinson, Kristian S. Hansen and Pascal Magnussen  |  Published 2015-11-14
Malaria Journal

Behind the scenes of the PRIME intervention: designing a complex intervention to improve malaria care at public health centres in Uganda

Deborah D. DiLiberto, Sarah G. Staedke, Florence Nankya, Catherine Maiteki-Sebuguzi, Lilian Taaka, Susan Nayiga, Moses R. Kamya, Ane Haaland and Clare I. R. Chandler  |  Published 2015-10-23
Global Health Action

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