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Mother and children in malaria care

On this page you find information about past webinars hosted by the ACT Consortium.



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  1. Utility and performance of rapid diagnostic tests in areas with low malaria transmission (12 April 2016)
  2. Cost-effectiveness of introducing rapid diagnostic tests for malaria in the private sector (6 April 2016)
  3. Evaluating antimalarial safety (7 October 2014)


3. Evaluating antimalarial safety


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Clinical trials are not suitable to identify rare, potentially serious adverse effects of drugs, or to define their safety in high risk populations.

Artemisinin-based combination therapies (or ACTs) are considered safe, but there are concerns over their potential to cause damage to parts of the brain. There is also a concern about their safety in patients infected with HIV.  

Collating safety data is a challenge in Africa, where most antimalarials are used and more vulnerable populations reside.

The Safety Data Collection Tools for Real-World Reporting developed by the ACT Consortium are the first step to providing more resources for researchers seeking user-friendly methods to evaluate antimalarial safety.