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Targeting ACTs - a Venn Generator Tool


Population tested

Number infected with malaria

Number treated for malaria

Number infected with malaria, who received malaria treatment

New venn generator tool

Many people infected with malaria don't receive appropriate treatment. At the same time, many people who receive malaria treatment, don't have malaria. This tool draws a Venn diagram - to scale - to illustrate the extent to which malaria treatment is targeted to malaria patients.

How to use this tool

  • Enter the required information in the boxes and click 'Draw diagram' to generate the circles. The 'Draw' button will only become available if valid numbers are entered.
  • Once the circles have been drawn click 'Save diagram' to save the figure on your computer.
  • To enter new values and generate another diagram click 'Reset'.


NB. This tool is designed to work with modern browsers such as Internet Explorer 9, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome.
If you have any questions about this tool please email us using the details at: