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  • Analysing the quality and authenticity of ACT drugs

    Start date: 1 Sep 2008 | Cambodia, Equatorial Guinea, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania

    [Project summary in Français / Português]

    Scientific title: Development of standardized methods for efficient representative sampling of drugs for laboratory analysis to obtain robust estimates of the frequency of counterfeit, substandard and degraded artemisinin containing drugs in countries.

  • Access and quality of malaria diagnosis and treatment in South-East Asia

    Start date: 1 Jan 2011 | Cambodia

    [Project summary in Français / Português]

    Scientific titles:

    1. Good Use of ACTs and Rapid Diagnostic Tests (RDTs) in Cambodia  (GUARD)
    2. Village Malaria Worker Access and Treatment study (VIMWAT)
    3. Drug quality and antimalarial drug resistance - Tracking Resistance to Artemisinins Collaboration (TRAC)