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Summary of findings

Answering questions on malaria drug delivery


Download and read the booklet summarising the findings of the ACT Consortium research between 2007 and 2015:

The booklet provides evidence on access, targeting, safety and quality of artemisinin-based combination treatment (ACTs), answering the following questions:

  • Where do patients seek care?
  • What influences the uptake of rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs)?
  • Do health providers prescribe according to RDT results?
  • What are the effects of RDTs on patients and the health care system?
  • What else happens when RDTs are introduced?
  • How can we improve the management of patients with fever in all health care sectors?
  • If it's not malaria, what is it?
  • How safe are ACTs in "real-world" use?
  • How safe are ACTs in vulnerable populations?
  • What is the quality of ACTs in the market?
  • What did we learn from developing our projects?


English Version:

Answering key questions on malaria drug delivery - ACT Consortium findings


Also available in Portuguese and French:




Further information: