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New publication summarises ACT Consortium findings

13 October 2015

"Answering key questions on malaria" is the lay summary of 25 research studies in 10 coutries in Africa and Asia. It is now available to the public at no cost, in English, French and Portuguese.


The publication, entitled "Answering key questions on malaria - ACT Consortium research from 2007 to 2015... and future directions", explains how this research collaboration fits into the wider malaria context and contributes to the goals of the Global Technical Strategy (GTS) for malaria and the Action and Investment to defeat Malaria (AIM).


Booklet English ACT Consortium

Download the booklet in English, French and Portuguese

The small booklet provides evidence on access, targeting, safety and quality of artemisinin-based combination treatment (ACTs), answering the following questions:

  • Where do patients seek care?
  • What influences the uptake of rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs)?
  • Do health providers prescribe according to RDT results?
  • What are the effects of RDTs on patients and the health care system?
  • What else happens when RDTs are introduced?
  • How can we improve the management of patients with fever in all health care sectors?
  • If it's not malaria, what is it?
  • How safe are ACTs in "real-world" use?
  • How safe are ACTs in vulnerable populations?
  • What is the quality of ACTs in the market?
  • What did we learn from developing our projects?

Free copies in the three languages will be available at the ACT Consortium exhibition booth (#408) of this year's American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene meeting in Philadelphia, USA from 25 to 29 October.


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