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Qualitative methods for international health intervention research


Social science guidance from the ACT Consortium available for wider research community.

Category: Useful Resources

Sub Category: Method Guidance

Author: Chandler, C.I.R., Reynolds, J., Palmer, J., & Hutchinson, E.

Published Date: 09 January 2014


[Français / Português]

This is a compendium of the methods used in the qualitative research of the ACT Consortium. It consists of a series of guidance notes and corresponding templates and examples for designing, setting up, running, analysing and monitoring qualitative research in international health intervention research. 

The guidance was designed for use by non-social scientists who wanted to include qualitative research in their ACT Consortium projects which were often clinical trials. Given wider demand for guidance in this line of work, we have brought together various of our materials into Methods and Templates. 

Please read the Copyright & Usage Policy document before using these materials.


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