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The ACT Consortium has ended, but its legacy remains for the malaria community

30 June 2016

Below is a summary of the resources that will continue to be available for your use beyond 30 June 2016.



Check out the videorn

ACT Consortium 2007-2015: Leaving a legacy for malaria policy from ACT Consortium on Vimeo.


This website is no longer being monitored. If you wish to get in touch with former members of the ACT Consortium, please browse the project pages and contact the relevant Principal Investigators directly.

For more general questions, please contact the former ACT Consortium Director, Prof David Schellenberg at david.schellenberg [at] or the Deputy Director Dr Sarah Staedke at sarah.staedke [at]

Please note that, as of July 2016, some manuscripts were still being developed. We hope you are able to find them in the public domain soon by searching for ACT Consortium investigators online.


Thank you!