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Eliciting harms data from trial participants: how perceptions of illness and treatment mediate recognition of relevant information to report


Trials Journal

Category: Publications

Author: Elizabeth N Allen, Karen I Barnes, Adiel Mushi, Isolide Massawe, Sarah G Staedke, Ushma Mehta, Lasse S Vestergaard, Martha M Lemnge, Clare I Chandler

Published Date: 13 December 2011


There is no consensus on the ideal methodology for eliciting participant-reported harms, but question methods influence the extent and nature of data detected. This gives potential for measurement error and undermines meta-analyses of adverse effects. We undertook to identify barriers to accurate and complete reporting of harms data, by qualitatively exploring participants’ experiences of illness and treatment, and reporting behaviours; and compared the number and nature of data detected by three enquiry methods.


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