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In this section you can find all journal articles published by the ACT Consortium to date. To ease your search, you can filter them by different criteria.

Eliciting harms data from trial participants: how perceptions of illness and treatment mediate recognition of relevant information to report

Elizabeth N Allen, Karen I Barnes, Adiel Mushi, Isolide Massawe, Sarah G Staedke, Ushma Mehta, Lasse S Vestergaard, Martha M Lemnge, Clare I Chandler  |  Published 2011-12-13
Trials Journal

The primacy of public health Considerations in defining poor quality medicines

Paul N. Newton, Abdinasir A. Amin, Chris Bird, Phillip Passmore, Graham Dukes, Go ran Tomson, Bright Simons, Roger Bate, Philippe J. Guerin, Nicholas J. White  |  Published 2011-12-06
PLos Medicine

Treatment guided by rapid diagnostic tests for malaria in Tanzanian children: safety and alternative bacterial diagnoses

George Mtove, Ilse CE Hendriksen, Ben Amos, Hedwiga Mrema, Victor Mandia, Alphaxard Manjurano, Florida Muro, Alma Sykes, Helena Hildenwall, Christopher JM Whitty and Hugh Reyburn  |  Published 2011-10-06
Malaria Journal

Interaction between artemether-lumefantrine and nevirapine-based antiretroviral therapy in HIV-1-infected patients

T. Kredo, K. Mauff, J. S. Van der Walt, L. Wiesner, G. Maartens, K. Cohen, P. Smith, and K. I. Barnes  |  Published 2011-09-26
Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy

Short report : Rolling Malaria Indicator Surveys (rMIS): A Potential District-Level Malaria Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) tool for program managers

Arantxa Roca-Feltrer, David G. Lalloo, Kamija Phiri, and Dianne J. Terlouw  |  Published 2011-09-14
American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

Socially-marketed rapid diagnostic tests and ACT in the private sector: ten years of experience in Cambodia

Shunmay Yeung, Edith Patouillard, Henrietta Allen and Duong Socheat  |  Published 2011-08-18
Malaria Journal

Poor quality drugs: grand challenges in high throughput detection, countrywide sampling, and forensics in developing countries

Facundo M. Fernandez, Dana Hostetlera, Kristen Powella, Harparkash Kaurb, Michael D. Greenc, Dallas C. Mildenhalld, and Paul N. Newton  |  Published 2011-08-07

Tinkering and Tailoring: Use of medicines and rapid diagnostic tests for malaria by private providers in Cambodia

Clare I R Chandler, Mikhael De Souza, Patricia Tabernero, Pisen Phoeuk, Daro Kim, James Kizito, Miriam Kayendeke, Sim, Rada, Chea Ngun, Shunmay Yeung  |  Published 2011-07-01

Field trial of three different Plasmodium vivaxdetecting rapid diagnostic tests with and without evaporative cool box storage in Afghanistan

Amy FW Mikhail, Toby J Leslie, Mohammad I Mayan, Rohullah Zekria, Nader Mohammad, Mohammad A Hasanzai, Najibullah Safi, Christopher JM Whitty and Mark Rowland  |  Published 2011-06-22
Malaria Journal

Treatment of uncomplicated malaria at public health facilities and medicine retailers in southeastern Nigeria

Lindsay J Mangham, Bonnie Cundill, Ogochukwu Ezeoke, Emmanuel Nwala, Benjamin SC Uzochukwu, Virginia Wiseman and Obinna Onwujekwe  |  Published 2011-06-08
Malaria Journal

Likely health outcomes for untreated acute febrile illness in the tropics in decision and economic models; A Delphi survey

Yoel Lubell, Sarah G. Staedke, BrianM. Greenwood, Moses R. Kamya, Malcolm Molyneux, Paul N. Newton, Hugh Reyburn, Robert W. Snow, Umberto DAlessandro, Mike English, Nick Day, Peter Kremsner, Arjen Dondorp, Wilfred Mbacham, Grant Dorsey, Seth Owusu-Agyei,  |  Published 2011-02-24

Seasonal and geographic differences in treatment-seeking and household cost of febrile illness among children in Malawi

Victoria L Ewing, David G Lalloo, Kamija S Phiri, Arantxa Roca-Feltrer, Lindsay J Mangham, Miguel A SanJoaquin  |  Published 2011-02-08
The Malaria Journal

Introducing malaria rapid diagnostic tests at registered drug shops in Uganda: Limitations of diagnostic testing in the reality of diagnosis

Clare I.R. Chandler, Rachel Hall-Clifford, Turinde Asaph, Magnussen Pascal, Sin Clarke, Anthony K. Mbonye  |  Published 2011-02-03
Social Science and Medicine

Would rational use of antibiotics be compromised in the era of test-based management of malaria?

Frank Baiden, Jayne Webster, Seth Owusu-Agyei, and Daniel Chandramohan  |  Published 2011-02-02
Tropical Medicine and International Health

Using rapid diagnostic tests as source of malaria parasite DNA for molecular analyses in the era of declining malaria prevalence

Deus S Ishengoma, Sudi Lwitiho, Rashid A Madebe, Nyagonde Nyagonde, Ola Persson, Lasse S Vestergaard, Ib C Bygbjerg, Martha M Lemnge, Michael Alifrangis  |  Published 2011-01-12
Malaria Journal

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