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Help us improve malaria diagnosis and treatment

24 January 2016

SBCC summit Ethiopia

The ACT Consortium will announce, in Addis Ababa, activities to help improve malaria diagnosis and treatment. The Ethiopian capital will host the first international summit on Social and Behaviour Change Communication (SBCC) on 8-10 February.


In the lead up to this year’s World Malaria Day, on 25 April, the ACT Consortium will deliver free toolkits to malaria endemic regions, both online and offline, to help inform policy decisions and educate communities.

During the SBCC summit in Addis Ababa, the ACT Consortium and partners from the Roll Back Malaria (RBM) Communication Community of Practice (CCoP) will host two open events to promote social and behavioural change communication resources, including toolkits for policy-makers and local communities to improve malaria diagnosis and treatment:

Tuesday, 9 February

7.30-8.30 am

Sharing successes and challenges with the Roll Back Malaria (RBM) Communication Community of Practice

This session includes a short presentation on community based SBCC for malaria in Ethiopia, an introduction to research and resources from CCoP partner ACT Consortium, and an overview of other resources the group and its partners have produced and collected.

5.00-7.00 pm

RBM Community of Practice: Resource sharing and networking event

This event provides an opportunity to share resources, discuss current initiatives, and learn how to become more involved in the group’s monitoring and evaluation, communication and outreach, and knowledge management task forces.

The ACT Consortium will discuss toolkits being developed for National Malaria Control Programmes (NMCPs) and implementing partners, and the Secretariat of the CCoP will share online tools ms and flash drives with additional SBCC malaria evidence. This will also be a time for all summit attendees to share malaria SBCC resources. 

For more information, please contact


How to get involved in the ACT Consortium campaign on malaria diagnosis and treatment


The ACT Consortium toolkits will include information about:

  • Rapid diagnostic tests – what they mean, who should use them and how
  • Safety of ACTs in vulnerable populations, e.g. young children and patients with HIV
  • The danger of fake medicines

Through your expertise and network, you can help to spread important messages by:

  • Sharing contact details of institutional or individual partners who may need our toolkits 
  • Advising on the best channels to reach policy-makers, health professionals and patients 
  • Contributing with your own content to the toolkits

Please e-mail with any information or questions.


What is the RBM Communication Community of Practice?


The Roll Back Malaria Communication Community of Practice (RBM CCoP) brings together social and behavior change implementing partners, NMCPs, donors, USAID and President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI) staff, research institutions, and private sector organisations to further the implementation of the Strategic Framework for Malaria at the Country Level. 

Photo credit: SBCC


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