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International experts ask and answer questions on malaria drug delivery

21 November 2015

Prof Wilfred Mbacham Cameroon at ASTMH ACT Consortium booth

Global health researchers engaged in discussions on ACT Consortium research at this year's meeting of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (ASTMH) in Philadelphia, USA.


Photo: Prof Wilfed Mbacham, University of Yaoundé, Cameroon and ACT Consortium Principal Investigator

This year's ASTMH meeting saw the first exhibition booth hosted by the ACT Consortium, where delegates came to ask and answer questions on access, targeting, safety and quality of artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACT), the first line treatment for malaria recommended by the WHO.


  • Impact of providing rapid diagnostic malaria tests on fever management in the private retail sector in Ghana: a cluster randomized trial - Evelyn Ansah, Ghana Health Centre

Check out the video

Examining referrals from communities to health centers from ACT Consortium on Vimeo.

  • Science journalism of tropical diseases - Debora Miranda, LSHTM
  • Effects of introducing malaria rapid diagnostic tests in drug shops: Findings from the evaluation of a cluster randomized trial in Uganda by Sian Clarke, LSHTM


  • Use of interferon-y release assays for the diagnosis of tuberculosis in patients with concurrent malaria infection in Tanzania by Lasse Vestergaard, University of Copenhagen


Social media highlights


Prof David Schellenberg, director of the ACT Consortium, answers questions on malaria drug delivery during Twitter #TropMedChat at ASTMH

Q and A astmh
question to act consortium 



Find more questions and answers on malaria drug delivery at @ACTConsortium


Final gathering of ACT Consortium researchers

After the ASTMH meeting, the ACT Consortium hosted its final meeting. More than 40 investigators and members, as well as Dr David Brandling-Bennett from the funder Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, discussed the key messages from 25 studies in 10 countries across Africa and Asia, and the lessons learned from this international research collaboration.

ACT Consortium investigators at wrap up meeting in Philadelphia, 29 October 2015

 ACT Consortium members at final meeting in Philadelphia, USA on 30 October 2015


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