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complex interventions

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Useful resources

Policy brief for Afghanistan study

Community Case Management of Malaria in Afghanistan

Policy brief and posters for community management project in Uganda

Use of rapid diagnostic tests to improve malaria treatment in the community in Uganda

Interventions to improve providers' ability to diagnose and treat uncomplicated Malaria

Literature review from the REACT studies

Framework for evaluation of RDT interventions: ACT consortium

ACT Consortium experiences with public health evaluation and involvement in assessing the implementation of rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs).

Cadre d’évaluation des interventions liées aux tests de dépistage rapide : ACT Consortium

Expriences dACT Consortium en matire dvaluation de la sant publique et dimplication dans ltude de lintroduction des tests de dpistage rapide (RDT).

Peer-reviewed publications

The practice of 'doing' evaluation: lessons learned from nine complex intervention trials in action

Implementation Science

The development of effective behaviour change interventions to support the use of malaria rapid diagnostic tests by Tanzanian clinicians

Implementation Science

Strengthening patient-centred communication in rural Ugandan health centres: A theory-driven evaluation within a cluster randomized trial


Rapid diagnostic tests to improve treatment of malaria and other febrile illnesses: patient randomised effectiveness trial in primary care clinics in Afghanistan

British Medical Journal

Mind the gap: Knowledge and practice of providers treating uncomplicated malaria at public and mission health facilities, pharmacies and drug stores in Cameroon and Nigeria

Health Policy and Planning

Introducing rapid diagnostic tests for malaria into drug shops in Uganda: Design and implementation of a cluster randomized trial


Examining intervention design: lessons from the development of eight related malaria health care intervention studies

Health Systems and Reform

Communicating the AMFm message: exploring the effect of communication and training interventions on private for-profit provider awareness and knowledge related to a multi-country anti-malarial subsidy intervention

Malaria Journal


Providing training and supplies to health centres not enough to improve children's health

A trial in a high malaria transmission area in Uganda aimed to improve quality of care for patients with a fever. It showed small improvements in malaria case management, patient satisfaction

Malaria testing not a simple fix in the private sector

Drug shops offering quick diagnostic tests for malaria can improve treatment, but regulation by authorities is also needed, researchers warn.

Malaria researchers launch free kit to develop diagnosis and treatment interventions

The malaria community can now use a Starter Kit to develop diagnosis and treatment interventions in endemic countries. ACT Consortium researchers launched the five resources on World

Little attention paid to how health interventions are designed

Funders and researchers need to recognise the social, political and economic factors that affect the development of interventions
to improve health care, a new study suggests.

Improving malaria diagnosis in Asia

Clinicians who use rapid diagnostic tests instead of relying on patients’ symptoms are less likely to overprescribe malaria treatment. The tests are also better at detecting fatal

'There are more medicines and diagnostic tools, but still no clean water'

Malaria interventions are unlikely to improve health of communities unless the root causes of dysfunctional health systems are tackled, an ACT Consortium researcher told members of