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In this section you can find all journal articles published by the ACT Consortium to date. To ease your search, you can filter them by different criteria.

Has Tanzania embraced the green leaf? Results from outlet and household surveys before and after implementation of the affordable medicines facility -Malaria

Rebecca Thomson, Charles Festo, Boniface Johanes, Admirabilis Kalolella, Katia Bruxvoort, Happy Nchimbi, Sarah Tougher, Matthew Cairns, Mark Taylor, Immo Kleinschmidt, Yazoume Ye, Andrea Mann, Ruilin Ren, Barbara Willey, Fred Arnold, Kara  |  Published 2014-05-09

Basic or enhanced clinician training to improve adherence to malaria treatment guidelines: a cluster-randomised trial in two areas of Cameroon

Wilfred F Mbacham, Lindsay Mangham-Jefferies, Bonnie Cundill, Olivia A Achonduh, Clare I R Chandler, Joel N Ambebila, Armand Nkwescheu, Dorothy Forsah-Achu, Victor Ndiforchu, Odile Tchekountouo, Mbuh Akindeh-Nji, Pierre Ongolo-Zogo, Dr Virginia Wiseman  |  Published 2014-04-25
The Lancet Global Health

A tiered analytical approach for investigating poor quality emergency contraceptives

Mara Eugenia Monge, Prabha Dwivedi, Manshui Zhou, Michael Payne, Chris Harris, Blaine House, Yvonne Juggins, Peter Cizmarik, Paul N. Newton, Facundo M. Fernndez, David Jenkins  |  Published 2014-04-18

Prevalence of Malaria parasitemia and purchase of artemisinin-based combination therapies (ACTs) among drug shop clients in two regions in Tanzania with ACT subsidies

Melissa A. Briggs, Admirabilis Kalolella, Katia Bruxvoort, Ryan Wiegand, Gerard Lopez, Charles Festo, Pierre Lyaruu, Mitya Kenani, Salim Abdulla, Catherine Goodman, S. Patrick Kachur  |  Published 2014-04-14

‘It puts life in us and we feel big’: shifts in the local health care system during the introduction of rapid diagnostic tests for malaria into drug shops in Uganda

Eleanor Hutchinsona, Clare Chandler, Sin Clarke, Sham Lal, Pascal Magnussen, Miriam Kayendeke, Christine Nabirye, James Kizito, Anthony Mbonye  |  Published 2014-03-03
Critical Public Health

Communicating the AMFm message: exploring the effect of communication and training interventions on private for-profit provider awareness and knowledge related to a multi-country anti-malarial subsidy intervention

Barbara A Willey, Sarah Tougher, Yazoume Ye, The ACTwatchGroup, Andrea G Mann, Rebecca Thomson, Idrissa A Kourgueni, John H Amuasi, Ruilin Ren, Marilyn Wamukoya, Sergio Torres Rueda, Mark Taylor, Moctar Seydou, Samuel Blay Nguah, Salif Ndiaye, Blessing Mb  |  Published 2014-02-04
Malaria Journal

Scale-up of Malaria rapid diagnostic tests and artemisinin-based combination therapy: Challenges and perspectives in Sub-Saharan Africa

Guido J. H. Bastiaens, Teun Bousema, Toby Leslie  |  Published 2014-01-21
PLOS Medicine

How patients take Malaria treatment: A systematic review of the literature on adherence to antimalarial drugs

Katia Bruxvoort, Catherine Goodman, S. Patrick Kachur, David Schellenberg  |  Published 2014-01-20
Plos One

Differential prevalence of transporter polymorphisms in symptomatic and asymptomatic Falciparum Malaria infections in Uganda

Stephen Tukwasibwe, Levi Mugenyi, George W. Mbogo, Sheila Nankoberanyi, Catherine Maiteki-Sebuguzi, Moses L. Joloba, Samuel L. Nsobya, Sarah G. Staedke and Philip J. Rosenthal  |  Published 2014-01-19
Journal of Infectious Diseases

Real-time PCR threshold cycle (Ct) cut-offs help to identify agents causing acute childhood diarrhea in Zanzibar

Kristina Elfvinga, Maria Andersson, Mwinyi I. Msellem, Christina Welinder-Olsson, Max Petzold, Anders Bjrkman, Birger Trollfors, Andreas Mrtensson and Magnus Lindha  |  Published 2014-01-08
Journal of Clinical Microbiology

What determines providers' stated preference for the treatment of uncomplicated malaria?

Lindsay Mangham-Jefferies, Kara Hanson, Wilfred Mbacham, Obinna Onwujekwe, Virginia Wiseman  |  Published 2014-01-01
Social Science & Medicine

How experiences become data: the process of eliciting adverse event, medical history and concomitant medication reports in antimalarial and antiretroviral interaction trials

Elizabeth N Allen, Adiel K Mushi, Isolide S Massawe, Lasse S Vestergaard, Martha Lemnge, Sarah G Staedke, Ushma Mehta, Karen I Barnes and Clare IR Chandler  |  Published 2013-11-14
BMC Medical Research Methodology

Getting antimalarials on target: impact of national roll-out of malaria rapid diagnostic tests on health facility treatment in three regions of Tanzania

Katia Bruxvoort, Admirabilis Kalolella, Happy Nchimbi, Charles Festo, Mark Taylor, Rebecca Thomson, Matthew Cairns, Julie Thwing, Immo Kleinschmidt, Catherine Goodman and S. Patrick Kachur  |  Published 2013-10-18
Tropical Medicine and International Health

The PROCESS study: a protocol to evaluate the implementation, mechanisms of effect and context of an intervention to enhance public health centres in Tororo, Uganda

Clare IR Chandler, Deborah DiLiberto, Susan Nayiga, Lilian Taaka, Christine Nabirye, Miriam Kayendeke, Eleanor Hutchinson, James Kizito, Catherine Maiteki-Sebuguzi, Moses R Kamya and Sarah G Staedke  |  Published 2013-09-30
Implementation Science

The PRIME trial protocol: evaluating the impact of an intervention implemented in public health centres on management of malaria and health outcomes of children using a cluster-randomised design in Tororo, Uganda

Sarah G Staedke, Clare IR Chandler, Deborah DiLiberto, Catherine Maiteki-Sebuguzi, Florence Nankya, Emily Webb, Grant Dorsey and Moses R Kamya  |  Published 2013-09-30
Implementation Science

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